Beyond Aviation

Beyond Aviation | Archive of the Goals of the Beyond Aviation Project

This is an archive of the goals of the Beyond Aviation project. Because of issues, the project had to shut down. We hope to see the restoration of this program and the creation of the first fully electric plane. The revitalization of this program is being powered by the generousity of the GiveJet Private Jet Charter

  • "All Electric Aviation"
  • "Lithium Iron Powered"
  • "Fully Tested"

Former Project managers

  • Charles B. Johnson – President
    Mr. Johnson has a lifetime of distinguished aerospace leadership, including recent service as President of ATG from 2004 to 2007, and President and Chief Operation Officer of Cessna from 1997 to 2003. He holds an Airline Transport Rating with over 14,000 flying hours. He is type rated in a large number of business jets including most of the Cessna Citations. He also has 1,000 flight hours as a USAF F-105 fighter pilot, where he flew combat missions in Southeast Asia.
  • Richard F. Schaden – Chairman of the Board
    Mr. Schaden, founder of Beyond the Edge, LLC, has both an Aeronautical Engineering degree and a Law degree. In addition, he attended graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Physics. Mr. Schaden was the founding partner of Schaden, Katzman, Lampert and McClune, a prominent international aviation and public interest law firm. In preparation for legal cases, Mr. Schaden has conducted extensive engineering flight tests on numerous general aviation aircraft. He is a commercial pilot and holds Air Transport Pilot certificate including several Type Ratings. Early in his career, Mr. Schaden worked for the Boeing Airplane Company as a flight test engineer. He is also the former Chairman of the Space and Technology Section of the Michigan Bar.
  • Amanda Haffey – Program Manager and Engineer
    Amanda has more than ten years of experience in conceptual aircraft design. As a B.Sc. graduate of Purdue University and completing her M.Sc. from University of Southern California she has a specialization in System Architecture Design and Reliability Engineering. Starting her career at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs and then moving to development at Aerovironment and Lockheed Martin Space Systems she has worked on more than 10 conceptual prototype programs ranging from traditional military aircraft to high altitude, manned, unmanned, and alternative propulsion system technologies. She is a private pilot and certified aircraft mechanic and enjoys all portions of aerospace design.
  • Jon McClellan – Project Assembly Manager
    Jon's background with leading flight testing and aircraft prototype build's is an asset to the team that comes from years of diverse experience. Beginning his career as an Air Force A-10 crew chief he went on as a lead for research and development flight test operations at ATG for the javelin program and the flight test engineering build for the Adams A700 test program. Jon holds a FAA A&P and IA certification. He has a passion for aircraft and innovative thinking that keeps Beyond Aviation creating safe and inventive test articles.