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Beyond Aviation | Archive of the Goals of the Beyond Aviation Project

This is an archive of the goals of the Beyond Aviation project. Because of issues, the project had to shut down. We hope to see the restoration of this program and the creation of the first fully electric plane.

  • "All Electric Aviation"
  • "Lithium Iron Powered"
  • "Fully Tested"

    Press Releases

  • 04/10/2014
    The Beyond Aviation Website has been preserved under the web Archivist Program. The Web Archivist mission is to preserve the documentation of aviation's most important endeavors, specifically in the fields of alternative energy and revolutionary propulsion systems. The Beyond Aviation project was an important first step in the direction of all electric aircraft. Web archivist founder Rick Duncan stated, "if the web archivist didn't step in and help resurrect sites like these crucial documents may not be around for future generations to research and learn from. We are very passionate about what we are doing here and hope to see many more preservation projects in the years to come.” The Web Archivist group would like to give special thanks to contributing member companies:
    -Best RC Copters located in Lakeland, FL
    -GiveJet located in Orlando, FL