Beyond Aviation

Reasons to Go Electric.

There are millions of gallons of aviation fuel consumed every year by the aviation industry. When the saturated hydrocarbons that are the backbone of all fuels are combusted, the products are CO2 and water. These products are only restored back to the fuel form under extreme pressures and over thousands of years. These reactions are effectively irreversible over noticeable times. The human inability to re-fix this carbon dioxide means that there is a continuous shift towards the release of Carbon Dioxide.

  • "All Electric Aviation"
  • "Lithium Iron Powered"
  • "Fully Tested"

The shift towards carbon dioxide from the burning of fuels such as aviation fuel, may cause long term consequences in not only our environment, but also to our healt. Therefore, in order to preserve this world, the removal of fossil fuels needs to begin and in the same way that aviation led the connection of countries, it must also lead the way in the field of effeciency. We believe that this effeciency will come in the conversion to all electric power.

The best part about the increase in effeciency is that it will also pass along direct benefits to the consumers. For example, for some comercial airlines, ticket prices could be expected to decrease by 10-15%. This could mean real benefits to passengers of United, American, as well as other Airlines. At the same time the owner of Jet Charter Rewards claims that programs such as Netjets and Marquis Jet Card may increase by as much as 30% in cost.